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  • Accelerade, with its patented 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates and protein, represented a dramatic departure from conventional carb-only sports drinks. Accelerade also demolished the conventional dogma regarding the importance of protein to help fuel muscle cells and improve re-hydration, the two essential criteria for a sports drink.

    Accelerade Makes Your Hard Work Easier.
    To date more than 10 peer-reviewed studies have shown that, compared to a conventional sports drink, Accelerade:
    • Increases endurance by 29%
    • Decreases muscle damage by 83%
    • Increases re-hydration by 15%
    • Increases endurance in a subsequent workout by 40%

    Simply put, Accelerade:
    • Extend endurance
    • Enhance rehydration
    • Speed recovery

    How to use
    • Mix 1 Scoop with 12oz. of cold water
    • Use before, during and after exercise

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