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Food That Fuels You

Food That Fuels You

Pre-race nutrition featuring recipes from the Run Fast. Eat Slow. Cookbook!

If you're a runner looking for an energy boost, to recover faster or simply looking to shed a few unwanted pounds, or just simply wanting to boost the nutritional content of the food you eat, it's best to eat a diet focused on whole, minimally processed foods. The first place I look when dealing with decreased levels of energy or soreness is my diet. I then ask if I haven't been eating the best (hello, chips and salsa), what healthy swaps can I make?

Runners are generally a hungry bunch, due to the fact that increased activity can trigger hunger (or should I say RUNger), but fear not! The recipes in Run Fast. Eat Slow. have been given our runners stamp of approval!

While we certainly can't deprive ourselves of necessary calories and nutrients during a tough training block, we have to be mindful so we don't devour anything and everything in sight. There is a balance between hungry and nourished, and the Run Fast. Eat Slow. cookbook beautifully balances the two.

My favorite recipes in Run Fast. Eat Slow.:

The night before a long run or race, I consume a carbohydrate focused meal like the MARATHON LASAGNA (recipe found on page 140-141).

It provides the calories I need to help me go the distance, is easily digestible so I avoid digestive distress, and is dense enough to fill me up in a way that helps, not hinders training.

Check out the Marathon Lasagna Recipe here.

The morning of my long run (or race) I will eat RACE DAY OATMEAL (page 53) about 2-3 hours before my event to provide additional energy and satiate me without feeling full or hungry at the starting line.

This recipe is really simple and easy to make - helpful if you're traveling to a race since you can find the ingredients to make it in any grocery store or bring your own from home – all you need is hot water!

Check out the Race Day Oatmeal Recipe here.

As with everything, it is best to find the best combination of foods that work for you well before race day arrives so you can show up at the starting line healthy and confident that you are fueled to go the distance!

Run Fast. Eat Slow. is a book that will act as a guide so you can transition to a healthier way of eating without sacrificing taste or feeling hungry!

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Ashley is National Running Center's retail store specialist who fits customers with the proper pair of running shoes. As a member of National Running Center's Racing Team, she has run multiple marathons, including Boston in 2017. Ashley has also completed Call of the Wilds Mountain Marathon, Whiteface Sky Race, Ultimate Direction Dirty 30 50K, Steamtown Marathon, and was the 2016 Women's Champion of the Montour 24 Endurance 6-hour Run.
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