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SaltStick Caps have been formulated to provide electrolytes to help minimize heat stress and muscle cramping due to perspiration, in a quantity and form which your body can absorb. This product is ideal for athletes, outdoor workers or for use in hot conditions. Two SaltStick Caps in an hour equate to 430 mg sodium, 126 mg potassium, 44 mg calcium, and 22 mg magnesium per hour, which is the ideal ratio to keep you moving.
• The ONLY electrolyte capsule that was formulated to closely resemble the electrolyte profile lost during activity: sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.
• Each capsule contains: 215 mg sodium, 63 mg potassium, 22 mg calcium, 11 mg magnesium. 100 IU Vitamin D to help the body absorb and utilize calcium.
• Suggested use: 1 capsule per 30-60 minutes during activity.
• Sold in packets of 3 capsules.

• Contains only WHAT YOU NEED: No herbal, trace, questionable components added. Gluten free. No soy or nuts. No sweeteners, and no high fructose corn syrup.
• Free of banned substances. Made in the USA.
• Vegetable-based capsule composition. Bio-available active ingredients.

• Also great for effective rehydration during international travel, hiking, and effects of alcohol and unfamiliar foods.
• Also helpful for electrolyte supplementation for CF, POTS and Addison's disease.

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