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The®Stick is a revolutionary medical device to treat muscle pain and trigger points. With proper use, a user of The®Stick can dramatically improve: Flexibility, Recovery, Performance, Injury Prevention, Injury Therapy. Stick products are made of a space-age plastic that will allow necessary flexibility of the tool, providing maximum compression of the muscles. The center rod also has "memory" which will always return to its original position. The center rod is surrounded by spindles which roll over the muscle. The handles provide maximum comfort in the grip. The Stick contains no rubber or wood. The Stick comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. With proper use, The Stick should last a lifetime.
"The Stick is used as a training tool by athletes at the US Olympic Training Centers in Colorado Springs CO, Lake Placid NY, Marquette MI and Chula Vista CA." -US Olympic Committee Sports Medicine Division July 2004 "Our athletes use TheStick to get the most out of their training, prevent injury and optimize their performance. You should too." -Loren Seagrave, Sprint and Hurdle Events "This simple Stick concept will change the future of sports by allowing the athlete to train harder and more frequently." -Norm Miller, Strength coach - Olympic Bobsled Team
• Length - 20"
• Eliminate Muscle Soreness & Pain
• Prevent Injuries
• Shorten Recovery
• Increase Flexibility
• Increase Strength

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